Current Plugin Version = 1.0.4

This plugin allows you to have custom idle and jumping sprites for both the player characters and the events. As well as allowing custom dashing sprites for the player characters.

If you want randomized idle animations for the Party leader, please use the plugin extension: ANT_MDS_ext.js

Terms of Use

1 – You are free to use this script in any commercial or non-commercial projects with the RPG Maker software. 

2 - You are free to modify this script to your liking however, any bug fixes or general features you are required to post an explanation in the Bugs/Feature Requests forum on this page. This is so that the community can always be using the best code available.

3 - The plugin can be distributed by linking back to this page or through your RPG Maker Project, all other distributions are against the terms of use.

4. Optional: Placing SirLegna in your Credits

5. Optional: Linking me or sending me a copy of your game. I would love to see how you use my code for ideas to improve it. 

More of SirLegna stuff can be found at SirLegna's Discord

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Install instructions

Download this file and place it in your games plugin folder:


Then enable the plugin in RPG Maker MZ


ANT_MDS_ext.js 8 kB
sirL_MDS.js 37 kB

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