Current Plugin Version = 1.0.1

This plugin allows you to use plugin commands to adjust variables with the JS Math Library instead of having to script them out yourself.

Terms of Use

1 – You are free to use this script in any commercial or non-commercial projects with the RPG Maker software. 

2 - You are free to modify this script to your liking however, any bug fixes or general features you are required to post an explanation in the Bugs/Feature Requests forum on this page. This is so that the community can always be using the best code available.

3 - The plugin can be distributed by linking back to this page or through your RPG Maker Project, all other distributions are against the terms of use.

4. Optional: Placing SirLegna in your Credits

5. Optional: Linking me or sending me a copy of your game. I would love to see how you use my code for ideas to improve it. 

More of SirLegna stuff can be found at SirLegna's Discord


sirL_Math.js 18 kB

Install instructions

Download this file and place it in your games plugin folder:


Then enable the plugin in RPG Maker MZ

Development log


by Sirlegna · 1 post
by Sirlegna · 1 post
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