Web version is currently at 1.0.4

You are a dude name Jim. You move boxes, but you aren't just any old box mover. You been cursed to feel the pain of requested box. So you better take care with how you move it, or else you might run out of life to do such.

The theme of Kenney Jam 2020 was cursed, which I determine as Jim curse. 

The theme of Extra Credits Game Jam #6 was Take Care, which I determine as handle with care which brough boxes.


  • 10 engaging levels of puzzles
  • 4 different storylines with multiple interpretations
  • In Game tutorial
  • And Many BOXES


  1. Why can I not rotate the game on my phone?
    1. Please make sure you are in a proper browser such as Chrome or Firefox.


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When I tried to play it it said, "Error: No Available Storage Method Found". Could you set up  a windows download link so I can play your game?

Sadly currently in Jam. Did you try to play it on the browser or through the itch application

I tried to play it in the browser. I'll try to play it via the itch.io application too

Strange. I will definitely look into that once the jam period is don